Malaria and Dengue

1980: spraying DDT on houses

Malaria and dengue (dengue haemorrhagic fever) are caused by mosquito bites. Especially those living in remote mountainous ares and sleeping outdoors run the risk of getting bitten. Using an impregnated bednet or a good repellent makes all the difference. Boosting the knowledge about the disease and stimulating the use of  bednets are the two most succesful ways of reducing the number of cases. Some forms of  malaria still remain difficult to prevent, e.g. forest malaria.

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Preventing malaria by treating bednets with permethrin.


Malaria and dengue, too, are poverty-related diseases and therefor the MCNV focuses on socio-economic development. Taking in account the traditional habits and habitat of the people the most effective approach can be selected. Understandable publicity about these diseases is a good way of helping the people protect themselves against mosquito bites.


Malariastation Khanh Phu

Furthermore, epidemiological research is needed to find solutions and methods of preventing these diseases. The MCNV supports this research in close cooperation with the Pasteur institute in Ho Chi Minh-city, the National Institute for Hygiene and Epidemiology in Hanoi, the Provincial Health Services and the Khanh Phu Malaria research station.

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